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With rapid increase of online competition from all the directions, it isn’t easy anymore to find online marketing success with just any digital marketing agency out there. It is obvious that, without an effective digital marketing service strategy and framework, business owners are struggling to understand the potential ROI they could achieve in the so called “digital way of doing business”. Simply having a website and few social media pages isn’t helping you to stay ahead of the completion anymore!

Working with a reliable digital marketing company helps you to understand the insatiable curiosity you have for internet marketing and how to excel in your digital endeavor. The digital marketing agency you select, must enable you the opportunity to accelerate your business growth faster. They must also have the experience and technical know-how to help you establish a complete digital eco-system, from brand awareness to getting quality traffic, lead nurturing and increase online sales.

Vault Mark is a trusted and best in class digital marketing & SEO company with proven track record of success with our internet marketing service delivery. Our digital marketing agency cover the entire gamut of internet marketing services, that are designed to help you achieve your marketing objectives while producing greater results for your online business growth and success. We build your internet presence faster, and help you thrive as strong brand in your respective market.

We've Been Serving Reputed Businesses In Thailand & Abroad.

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We understand how important it is for a business like yours to build and maintain a strong online presence that enables your product and services continue to find suitable audiences and potential customers. We’ve helped businesses in many different industries, grow their brand online. From start-ups to well established businesses in Thailand and abroad.    

We Deliver Integrated Digital Marketing & SEO Services 

responsive web development

Web & eCommerce Build

Our full stack developers build websites and eCommerce stores perfectly optimizing for screens all sizes and lightning-fast loading speed. We create brand resonating front-end along with seamless back-end functionality to give your customers best experience across all touch points of the website.

content marketing

Content Marketing

Craft effective content strategy for your business to resonate with your audience. Our in-house content creators deliver custom tailored engaging content that helps you stay relevant and establish authority with your audience.

omnichannel marketing

Social Media Marketing

For a digital marketing strategy to be effective, social media marketing must play a fundamental role. We boost unparalleled experience with running performance-based Ad campaigns on FB, IG, You Tube, Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels. 

Google Ads Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Our certified PPC specialist are well-versed with dynamic product offers, promoting services to marketing domination campaigns. We plan with accurate forecasting to make sure the PPC campaigns we run are optimized to deliver the best possible ROI.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO agency utilizes bespoke SEO strategies and Google compliance methodology and process to help you build better online brand presence, generate more website traffic, get qualified leads, increase sales and boost your website ranking.

Search Engine Marketing SEM

Conversion rate Optimization

We don’t do guess work, the marketing campaigns we run are data driven. We blend data and expert analysis to determine the customer behavior and streamline the sales funnel to capture traffic, leads and turn them into buying customers.

influencer marketing

Reputation Management 

Unfortunately, haters are unavoidable and negative comments and reviews can make or break your online reputation. We’ll help you establish and maintain positive feel to your brand identity across all of your online channels. 

Display Advertising

Video Marketing

Expert in-house video editing and creative design specialist to provide video content for your marketing campaigns. Our video production service focus on delivering video content that helps your brand engage and inspire your customer audience.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Seamless integration of email auto responder, Chatbot and SMS services to capture opt-in on your website. We build comprehensive, result oriented email marketing and other push campaign to drive your engagement and generate sales.

Best Local SEO Services

We Rank Your Business on Maps

Local SEO has become must adopt strategy to appeal to your local audience. And with the help of best local SEO service, you can literally send indication to Google that you’re serious about local traffic and hence, attract customers to your website within the region you operate.

People looking for local services are on the increasing trend day after day. According to Google stats a third of all searches that happen on mobiles are local. Each month millions of unique search queries go through mobile phones and more than 45% of this search volume has local intent.

Important Local SEO Facts

75% of mobile users make business enquiries after local search

80% of searchers read online reviews before making a buying decision.

76% of local searches end up in a phone call with local business.

More than 45% of all searches on Google are local

The local SEO experts at Vault Mark has mastered the techniques of putting your business In front of the people that search with specific city, province, and neighborhood names along with keyword phrases.

seo agency top map listing on Google first page

GMB Optimization 

We setup Google My Business or GMB listings and optimized it in best possible search engine optimization friendly manner, as to ensure your brand is displayed on Google search Map listing.

Local Visibility

We put our local SEO effort to clients’ websites to enhance their relevance and authority and to enable fast ranking on maps for those geographically focused searches.

Stand Out

Use local SEO best practices to build a link profile that is trustworthy and hence give your brand a boost to stand out from the competition.

Services We Offer Are Combined Into Result-Driven Plans

Simple Start

Full integrated solutions on proper setting up of web presence and social media channels. Create customer engagement & continuation with conversion rate optimization.

Business Essential

Ideal for businesses looking to build online brand visibility. Get targeted quality website traffic, build customer base, create engagement, generate leads & increase sales.

Scale Up

For businesses that aim to transform their business website into revenue generating machines. Get ranked on search  results FIRST page, outrank the competition  and accelerate business growth.

We Transform Our Clients’ Websites Into Revenue Generating Digital Assets!

attract quality traffic


We’ll target your audience and find buyers on all platforms and keep sending you quality website traffic 24/7


Earn leads through user-targeted lead generation programs or convert visitors into sales with

earning revenue


Find customers and sell with precision, targeted advertising. Everything we do goes back to earning revenue for your business & greater ROI.


Build trust and keep your customers coming back for more with email marketing, re-marketing, and social media campaigns that truly convert.

Got a Question About Digital Marketing & SEO Company? 

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How Does SEO Work?

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About Us

Digital Marketing & SEO Company Based In Bangkok

Digital Marketing & SEO Company Based In Bangkok

Team Of Passionate Digital Marketing Professionals

Team Of Passionate Digital Marketing Professionals

Attuned To The Technology & Industry Trends

Attuned To The Technology & Industry Trends

Agile Way of Working With Quality & Reliability

Agile Way of Working With Quality & Reliability

Agile Way of Working With Quality & Reliability

Flexible, Responsive & Collaborative Work Culture

ROI Centered & Customer-Oriented Service Approach

ROI Centered & Customer-Oriented Service Approach

We are A Digital Marketing Agency based out of Bangkok, Thailand. Our Digital agency services include consulting and management of full-service internet marketing solutions covering, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per click (PPC), conversion rate optimization (CRO), eCommerce, web design and more..

We have been serving businesses from various sectors in Thailand and abroad with great success. Our client portfolio cover industries such as, technology, IT, health, beauty and cosmetics, manufacturing, hotels, retail & consumer goods, distribution & delivery services etc.

Our team is attuned to industry trends & committed to client success. We help our clients dominate competition on the search engine result pages, and thrive as trusted brands in their respective markets. If you are stuck or you are yet to dip your feet into digital way of doing business, we will not only advice you on the best approach for your business but will walk with your brand every step of the journey while being a growth partner for your business.

Let Us Help Take Your Business To The Next level

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