Thailand Digital Marketing Trends You Should Not Ignore

Thailand Digital Marketing Trends You Should Not Ignore

Thailand is not only a country full of rich history, fascinating cultures or vibrant hub for tourism. More interesting to note is, the country is becoming a thriving, robust digital oriented space powered by its young internet-savvy and heavily mobile-influenced population. It seems there is an immense shift from traditional media such as print, radio and television towards the more popular digital marketing trend. What’s more interesting is, digital adoption of Thailand in recent years; 

  • 82% internet penetration rate with 90% smart phone users.  
  • Thai consumers spend more time (an average of 9 hours) per day accessing internet via mobile than any other country. 
  • 24% (YoY) internet user growth from 2017 on wards, with 74% social media penetration, ranking Thailand among the world’s highest at social media use.
  • Thailand is also considered as a hotbed for e-commerce with a penetration rate of 62%.
  • In 2019 digital ad expenditures in Thailand is pegged to be around THB15 billion. it is predicted, this figure will reach approximately THB20 billion before 2020 is out. 

It’s evident that Thailand is on the verge of a significant paradigm shift towards digital, and digital disruption is an influential force that you cannot ignore anymore, especially when the future is bound to be a digital revolutionary era. It is ironical how businesses, small and big, immensely invest in conventional marketing and leave out digital marketing. Of course, there is the resistance of change and the technophobia wave among traditional businesses. However, those fears are unfounded and only harm businesses that stay out of the tide of change. 

Obviously, it is never too late to make the right decision. Data shows, there is a lot to gain from having a right digital strategy to expose your brand. We have not only helped our clients implement successful search engine marketing plans, our social media marketing approaches as well, has helped multiple businesses transition from traditional to digital and are now reaping big from being where their customers are. It can be the same for you, or even better if you trust us to guide you through the mines of dos and don’ts of digital marketing.

Let us help you understand why digital marketing should have been a priority for your business as soon as yesterday! 

Consumer Preferences Are Shifting

The modern customers are very choosy. Additionally, your customers know what is right for them and will go out of their way to get it. For instance, customers now want to know your brand before they can buy or subscribe to your services. They will visit the internet and search for your company profile, expecting to find a website or social media pages. If they do not see you anywhere, they are filled up with suspicion and may drop off your brand and keep searching until they find a business they could trust and can connect with. 

Let us give you a breakdown to current statistics. Today, over 97% of people with access to the internet do a thorough internet search before deciding to make a purchase. More than 70% of customers will search and get to know a company before they are comfortable to click the “BUY” button. In such a case, brands that have a robust online presence get the lion’s share of online buyers. What remains for the rest? You can only rely on traditional buyers who are now almost extinct as their numbers are drastically falling each day. 

Being absent from the digital world is one gross mistake that will haunt your brand for years. It will not only repel potential customers but will also cast a cloud of distrust around your business. People will not understand why during this era, they cannot get your info online. Luckily, it is not all lost. You can still make the right decision right now. Our Digital Marketing services are designed to help you start the journey on the right foot. Vault Mark as a reliable SEO Thailand, have the expertise and experience in making sure your brand is found and get chosen in Google results. 

It Is Cost-Effective

As advertising agency in Thailand, we always keep ourselves updated as to properly guide our clients to get most out of changing market dynamics. And we know digital ads expenditure is growing at very fast pace year-on-year. It is estimated in the US, marketers will put around $125 billion into digital advertising by 2020. As a savvy business person, you should ask yourself why there is a shift in expenditure from traditional to digital marketing. The answer is simple. It is more cost-effective to put your money in digital marketing than in conventional marketing. It is not only about what you put in digital ads, but also what comes back in terms of Return On Investment (ROI). 

Further research by leading marketing agencies suggest, a dollar invested in digital marketing has the potential to return 1.5 dollars. That is a 50% ROI. Of course, a dollar is the basic unit of investment, and there is a potential of the ROI to increase when you invest more dollars. The explanation lies in the scale of quantity whereby your returns multiply vis-a-vis what you are investing. 

As specialized SEO company, we have successfully implemented fool-proof marketing techniques that are affordable and the effort we put on ensuring better returns are highly appreciated by our clients. ‘Better late than never’ shouldn’t be the approach when it comes to your digital strategy, in fact, it is a decision you should have made a long time ago. 

Your Competition Is Doing It and Winning

You cannot ignore the activities of your competitors, especially when it is working for them. Chances are your fiercest competitor already has a digital strategy to claim more of your shared customer base. They have websites and an excellent social media presence, and a budget to take care of the marketing campaigns. Do you know what that means? They are getting more exposure, earning trust, and winning more loyal customers. If you are yet to roll out a digital plan for marketing, it is only a matter of time, and your customers begin to leave one by one. The worst part is not leaving you, but it is the fact that they are joining your competition. 

Yes, we know your traditional marketing has earned you thousands of customers, if not at least many. There is no dispute about that. However, the recent preference change in customers have made them want to be in sync with new technologies, and you are not meeting their unique expectations. They will leave and look for an alternative that fits into their newfound tastes. It even gets worse as you cannot appeal to the new crop of customers. We are talking about the millennials and Generation Z who were born and brought up in the digital era. Decide today to go digital, get an expert SEO agency, such as us to implement the digital marketing plan for you to remain relevant to your old and prospective customers, or ignore and lose your ground to the competition. 

You Can Hit Your Marketing Bulls-Eye Easily

Let’s be honest. Using radio, newspapers, and other traditional media is like using the broadcasting method of planting. You are not sure where the seeds will fall. In essence, you cannot precisely target a specific audience with traditional marketing methods. Luckily, digital marketing methods are changing that narrative. You can now target a particular group or a segment of a group, based on online behaviors, demographics, or social status. 

Let us take an example of a local ‘Dentist’ as your line of business. Using SEO Bangkok techniques, you can filter only those who live nearby or within your city as targets of your online campaign. With such a localized strategy, you are more likely to hit the bulls-eye than when using, say, radio ads. We are not advocating for you to abandon your traditional approach to marketing totally, but rather encouraging you to find a balance between the old and the new. 

Real-Time Smart Data & Results

With a click of a button, you can get actionable data on business performance and competition analysis. Such is real-time data that you can use to your advantage without any need to analyze it further. With Google Analytics and Facebook insights, you get reports and easy to track data that you can use to beat your competition. Most importantly, it is data that reflects the thoughts, preferences, and behaviors of your target audience. With so much power at your fingertips, business failure will only be a term that exists in the dictionary. 

With our comprehensive digital marketing solutions for Thailand businesses, we make sure your campaign moves in the right direction with relevant data. You no longer have to commission studies and research that will last for months before you get any actionable data. You can have it every minute of the day and night. You can now sleep comfortably knowing what your customers need, and what your competitors are doing. This winning formula is what our SEO Services are putting right in front of you.


Helps You Win Big From Seasonal Sale Trends

For those who look forward to making a big buck from seasonal sale events like Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas, and others of the like; digital presence and marketing plan is all you need. Let us put this into perspective with an example.

In 2015, 30% of the seasonal events’ purchases were happening through mobile devices. Approximately 25.1% of those transactions came from email marketing. With more penetration of the internet and more mobile devices at the hands of customers, these figures are getting higher in 2019 and beyond. If your business would like to claim a fair share of sales from these seasonal events, you cannot wish away the power of digital marketing. 

It Is Easy To Create A Reputable Brand

A few years back, before the internet was a universal phenomenon, it took a lot of work, resources, and time to build a reputable brand. It is only the super rich big brands that could afford to make a globally-embraced brand. Those years are behind us now. Even for a small business in a remote part of the country, you can build a reputation for it. All you require is an online presence and engaging your potential customers. Let them know your brand, what you are offering, and how you can solve their problems. You can easily win the confidence and trust of people who are thousands of miles away from your Geolocation. That is the power of digital marketing you should take advantage of. With our SEO experience and expertise, you are only a decision away from becoming an overnight online sensation. Pick your digital cards right, and your brand reputation will beat your expectations. 

Wrap up

Digital marketing is the ‘trend’ that’s sweeping across all types of businesses. We cannot accurately quantify what you are missing out if your business has not implemented a digital marketing strategy. What we know is that you are losing customers to your competitors and missing out on potential revenue generating opportunities. You can still turn the tide around and make your brand a compelling option for many online searchers. 


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