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Vault Mark digital marketing services are helping businesses in various industries grow their online brand presence faster. We have been successful in providing result-oriented internet marketing from start-ups to well established and reputed local business in Thailand and abroad. We are focused on implementing the best industry trends combined with disruptive digital marketing strategies that place our clients ahead of their competition.

If you are stuck or you are yet to dip your feet into digital way of doing business, we will not only advice you on the best approach for your business but will walk with your brand every step of the journey while fulfilling a growth partner role for your business.

Why Work With a Digital Marketing Company ?

Why Work With a Digital Marketing Company ?
It is clear that, without a proper digital marketing strategy and framework, businesses are struggling to understand the potential ROI they could achieve in digital marketing space. Simply having a business website and few social media pages isn’t helping you stay ahead in the completion anymore!


作为一家可靠和值得信赖的公司,Vault Mark一直为各种规模的企业提供一流的数字营销和SEO 服务,包括小型初创企业和中型公司,以及在泰国运营的“财富500强”类别客户。


What we Offer


“您将如何为您的企业采用合适的“网络营销策略”?尽管知道数字营销和 SEO 对于发展业务的重要性。
对于企业来说,以正确的方式去做仍然是一个常见的挑战。 此外,来自各个方向的在线竞争的迅速增加以及 Google 和社交媒体平台采用的算法变化,



  • 应用定制的SEO策略和Google合规方法,以帮助您建立更好的在线品牌形象,并在搜索引擎第一页上超越竞争对手。获得更多网站流量,合格的潜在客户并增加您的在线销售额。

  • 经过认证的PPC专家精通有效的搜索和展示广告系列,保证带来结果。我们通过准确的预测进行规划,以确保我们运行的PPC广告系列经过优化,以提供最佳的投资回报率。

  • 为了使数字营销策略有效,社交媒体营销必须发挥根本性作用。我们拥有在FB,IG,YouTube,Twitter,TikTok LinkedIn和其他渠道上运行社交媒体广告活动的无与伦比的经验。

  • 基于绩效的电子商务营销服务,帮助您建立强大的品牌信誉。我们通过精确的受众细分以及应用有效的重定向和再营销技术来增加网站流量和转化率。

  • 我们不做猜测,我们开展的营销活动是数据驱动的。我们融合了数据和专家分析,以确定客户行为并简化销售渠道,以捕获流量,潜在客户并将其转化为购买客户。

  • 我们的全栈开发人员以闪电般快的加载速度构建移动优化的网站。我们通过独特的功能创建具有共鸣外观和感觉的品牌,让您的客户在网站的所有接触点都能获得无缝体验。

  • 为您的企业制定有效的内容策略,以引起受众的共鸣。我们提供独特的文章,新闻稿和社交媒体帖子以及其他引人入胜的内容,帮助您保持相关性并与受众建立权威。

  • 我们的创意专家拥有专业知识,可以为您的内容和引人入胜的转折。我们为您的营销活动创建的视频和信息图表专注于提供有助于您的品牌吸引和激励客户的内容。

  • 我们为商业智能提供万无一失的数据和分析。全面了解您的在线营销工作正在发生的情况。我们帮助您了解哪些营销活动效果最佳,并决定停止哪些营销活动并进行扩展。

“使用Vault Mark为您的互联网服务进行的投资保证为您的业务增长和成功提供最佳结果。 我们将帮助您建立在线品牌形象,并在最短的时间内将您的互联网足迹提升到一个新的水平。 为您的网站获取目标流量,并获得有关客户的更有价值的见解。 我们定制您的网络营销策略和广告,以产生合格的潜在客户并增加您的业务销售额。”





Digital marketing Vs traditional marketing is no longer even a debate. Long gone are the days of the effectiveness with traditional marketing channels such as billboards and print media.

Browsing internet for several hours each day has become a part of people’s daily life.  Hence, digital marketing can leverage the user behavior on internet to its advantage by cleverly targeting them with specific marketing communications or online ads.

For instance, let’s say someone goes to google and search for a holiday offer for his/her weekend gateway. Immediately afterwards of the search, they are very much likely to see a tailored sponsored online ads from many different OTAs such Agoda, Booking.com and Expedia etc.

As of January 2021, there are about 49 million internet users in Thailand. And The number of internet users in Thailand increased by 3.4 million (+7.4%) between 2020 and 2021. Internet penetration in Thailand stood at 69.5% in January 2021.

That’s a mind-bogglingly audience size and a huge amount of opportunities to do some clever digital marketing to reach your potential customer.

Digital marketing services comprise of efforts and activities that help promote a business, a service or an offer digitally across the internet with different online marketing channels.

It’s no longer the case for any business to find the desired success by utilising just one online channel alone. To build the required online brand exposure and ensure competitiveness, its best to take advantage of every possible online channel.

The most popular digital marketing services include; search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) advertising, Social medial marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, conversion rate optimization etc.

Digital marketing services provide a much affordable alternative methods to traditional marketing.  Digital marketing services rely on accurate data, hence it makes things much easier to track and monitor performance of the campaigns.

Online marketing requires specific knowledge and expertise to implement the best fit strategy, framework and process for your business.  And here are two approached for the business owners to adopt the digital way of doing business, create and develop in-house marketing team or partner with a digital marketing agency.

Several businesses both large and small that could afford the salary cost and went ahead never minding the risks that goes with untested individuals have failed miserably, adding huge amount of costs and made no progress with their own digital marketing efforts. That’s the main reason to leave it to the professionals by hiring a trusted Online marketing agency.

Digital marketing agency brings the right subject-matter expertise and have the capability to analyze your business from a different lens with outside perspective. They bring in new ideas on the table and help you find better growth opportunities and can assist to put your business scale up efforts on a much faster trajectory by leveraging the power of the internet.



Accelerate Your Business GROWTH ..

We understand how important it is for a business like yours to build and maintain a strong online presence that enables your product and services continue to find suitable audiences and potential customers.

As digital marketing and SEO specialists, we’ve helped businesses in many different industries, grow their brand online. From start-ups to well established and reputed local business to world famous brands here in Thailand. We offer a reliable and trusted service delivery and have maintained proven track record of success…

Our clients hail from various industries including; technology, IT, health, beauty and cosmetics, manufacturing, hotels, retail & consumer goods, distribution & delivery services. Our main goal with every client is to drive business growth and higher ROI

If you are stuck or you are yet to dip your feet into digital way of doing business, we will not only advice you on the best approach for your business but will walk with your brand every step of the journey while being a growth partner for your business.

Take Your Business To The Next level

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