Implement Digital Marketing With Insights From Data & Analytics

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The importance of gathering “Data & Analytics”

Choosing the right digital marketing agency to improve your SEO and e-commerce efforts starts with understanding the skillsets they bring to the table. An agency that understands the importance of gathering “Data & Analytics” and applying it to your marketing is more likely to help you get the results you want.

In order to be successful, digital marketing efforts need to be tracked to determine the success of each campaign. With more reporting and a clearer picture of how effective your marketing is, you can refine and adjust increase your conversions and bring more potential customers to your website.

Powered by the skill and knowledge of our team, our business intelligence based solutions help you understand the data behind your website and achieve better results. The importance of data and analytics and business intelligence in your overall success online can’t be understated.

With the information we can glean from data mining and analysis, you no longer have to guess the best ways to market your products or services. The numbers allow you to draw conclusions about your customer base, your product offerings and how to focus your future marketing efforts.

Data tracking, data monitoring & reporting helps you understand key factors influencing your customers, including the number of traffic, number of websites and page visits, bounce rate, demographics, a platform used, etc. with this business intelligence, you can learn more about the people who visit your website and therefore, gain more insightful information to make your products/services more effective.

Integrating business intelligence and data analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Google 360, Google Tag Manager into your website helps identify the information you’re seeking about your website visitors and potential customers. Through proper data analysis of your website, we can help you identify which pages on your website attracts most visitors’ and which pages generate the most sales.

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Key Information

We can help you identify using data analysis tools include:

Using tools like Google Firebase, Google Data Studio, and Google Optimize and other powerful, 3rd party analytical tools, we can identify these key pieces of relevant information and help you decide the best ways to act on them.

Whether it’s creating a new marketing campaign or optimizing the existing ones, with data analysis, we can help you strategize and execute the best marketing strategy possible. We bring business intelligence, data & analytics, to help each client succeed.

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