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Digital Marketing & SEO Agency, Bangkok

Vault Mark digital marketing & SEO services in Bangkok, is known for applying fool-proof online marketing strategies and techniques to achieve the greatest return on marketing investments our clients’ make. We deliver results-oriented performance based marketing campaigns. We offer customized digital marketing & SEO solutions that fit each individual client’s business objectives. Schedule a free consultation with us to discover the benefits from the digital way of doing business.

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Top Class Digital Marketing & SEO Company

As a reliable and trusted company, Vault Mark has been providing best-in-class digital marketing & SEO services to businesses of all sizes including, small start-ups and medium to large-sized companies to “Fortune 500” category clients operating in Thailand.

Our industry experience covers Health, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Import & Export, Wholesale, Retail, IT, OEM, Hospitality, etc.

What we Offer

Best Internet Marketing Services

How would you adopt the right-fit “Internet Marketing Strategy” for your business? Despite knowing how vital, digital marketing & SEO has become for growing the business. It’s still a common challenge for businesses to go about doing it the right way. Moreover, rapid increase of online competition from all the directions along with algorithmic changes adopted by Google and social media platforms, have made it hard for most of the businesses to achieve the desired success with online marketing.

Having just a website along with few social media pages and post boosting, may have worked in the past, but not anymore.  Hence, you shouldn’t be wasting time with something that’s irrelevant and ineffective in today’s internet marketing space.  Implementing an effective digital marketing strategy for your business would require the right knowledge, hands on experience along with track record of success, and that’s what we bring on the table. If you’re looking to build your online brand presence and take your internet footprint to the next level, then make sure to reach out to us.

  • Apply bespoke SEO strategies and Google compliance methodologies to help you build a better online brand presence and outrank your competitors on the search engine 1st page. Get more website traffic, qualified leads and increase your online sales.

  • Certified PPC specialists well-versed with running effective search and display campaigns guaranteed to bring results. We plan with accurate forecasting to make sure the PPC campaigns we run are optimized to deliver the best possible ROI.

  • For a digital marketing strategy to be effective, social media marketing must play a fundamental role. We boast unparalleled experience with running social media Advertising campaigns on FB, IG, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok Linkedin, and other channels.

  • Performance-based E-Commerce marketing services that help you build strong brand credibility. We increase website traffic and conversions through precise audience segmentation, and by applying effective retargeting and remarketing techniques.

  • We don't do guesswork, the marketing campaigns we run are data-driven. We blend data and expert analysis to determine the customer behavior and streamline the sales funnel to capture traffic, leads and turn them into buying customers.

  • Our full-stack developers build mobile-optimized websites with lightning-fast loading speed. We create the brand resonating look and feel with unique features, allowing your customers have a seamless experience across all touch points of the website.

  • Craft effective content strategy for your business to resonates with your audience. We deliver unique articles, press releases and social media posts, and other engaging content that helps you stay relevant and establish authority with your audience.

  • Our creative specialists have expertise to give your content and engaging twist. The videos and infographics we create for your marketing campaigns, focus on delivering content that helps your brand engage and inspire your customers.

  • We provide business intelligence with fool-proof data & analytics. Have full visibility of what is happening with your online marketing effort. We help you to understand which campaigns perform best and decide which ones to stop and to scale.

The investment with Vault Mark, for your internet Service is guaranteed to deliver the best possible results for your business growth and success. We’ll help you to build online brand presence and take your internet footprints to the next level in the shortest span of time. Get targeted traffic to your website and gain more valuable insights about your customers. We custom tailor your internet marketing strategies and advertising to generate qualified leads and increase sales for your business.

Results Oriented Digital Marketing Agency

If you are looking for the top class digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Vault Mark is the go-to service provider. Find out how we can help you expand your company’s internet foot print as well as your brand presence, while increasing your customer base, and helping you generate more leads and sales. Achieve more success and expand your business by taking use of our range of digital marketing services. Get in touch with Vault Mark right away!

Locally Trusted Digital Marketing Company

Choose the best digital marketing company in Bangkok, Thailand. Let the internet marketing specialists at Vault Mark – digital agency, handle all of your online advertising and marketing needs. Attract new clients in your local area, get more leads, and establish a great reputation for your company. With our custom omni-channel digital marketing plan, you can engage with customers to gain their trust and confidence with your brand. Work with a company that prioritizes your company’s needs before their own. Let’s set up a meeting at he earliest!

#1 Search Engine Optimization Services, Bangkok

As highly trusted SEO agency in Bangkok, Vault Mark has been providing SEO services that are Google compliant and result-oriented. With our SEO company in Bangkok you can have a new or revamped mobile-friendly website that is optimized for Google in no time. We’ll make it easier for potential customers to locate your website and keep you at the top of Google search results. The experienced SEO experts at Vault Mark, will not only put you ahead of the game, we’ll also help outrank your competition and dominate Google search top spots for your business. Let’s get started today!

Important Local SEO Facts

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We Rank Your Business on Maps

Local SEO Company Bangkok

Local SEO has become must adopt strategy to appeal to the audience in your local area. And with the help of Vault Mark local SEO services Bangkok, you can literally send indication to Google that you’re serious about local traffic and hence, attract customers to your website within the region you operate. People looking for local services are on the increasing trend day after day. According to Google stats a third of all searches that happen on mobiles are local. Each month millions of unique search queries go through mobile phones and more than 45% of this search volume has local intent.

local seo services company agency

GMB Optimization

We setup Google My Business or GMB listings and optimized it in best possible search engine optimization friendly manner, as to ensure your brand is displayed on Google search Map listing.

Local Visibility

We put our local SEO effort to clients’ websites to enhance their relevance and authority and to enable fast ranking on maps for those geographically focused searches.

Stand Out

Use local SEO best practices to build a link profile that is trustworthy and hence give your brand a boost to stand out from the competition.

E-Commerce SEO Services

Choose the highly qualified experts at Vault Mark for your E-commerce SEO Strategy and implementation. Vault Mark has handled several projects in SEO for E-commerce covering, E-commerce web design, product listing, sales copy writing, promoting products, implementing sales funnels (up sells, cross sells, down sells) and conversion rate optimization.  Boost your sales by having your products appear at the top of search engine shopping results. Product analytics and information we share with you, can help better understand your customer's behavior to increase your online sales. If you are looking for a reliable E-Commerce SEO company in Bangkok, then give us a call today!

Advertising Agency In Bangkok

Hire the top-notch online advertising firm in Bangkok to get your business off the ground and rolling fast. At Vault Mark we have the in-house expertise and resources to handle all your online marketing needs, including Google pay per click (PPC), both search and display campaigns, as well as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin and Twitter advertising. We drive targeted traffic and bring you leads. Increasing your online sales while applying effective conversion rate optimization techniques are our key strengths. Call Vault Mark to have your online advertising campaigns started immediately!

Reliable PPC Management Services

When it comes to Google Py Per Click (PPC) advertising and management of their ad budgets, clients rely on us an extension of their business. Using PPC advertising specialists from Vault Mark, you'll be able to develop, manage, evaluate and scale your PPC ad campaign to get the best possible results. Google PPC campaigns are great way to kick-off promoting your products and services until you secure top organic spots on Google results 1st page. To get you properly with PPC advertising campaigns, Give us a call now.

Performance Based Social Media Marketing

Obtain the trusted services of a Bangkok-based social media marketing specialists at Vault Mark. We have established omni channel presence for several local brands. Allow us to create and optimize all your social media channels and profiles, to effectively engage with your online audience. Develop a strong brand presence and maintain contact with your audience by staying up to date with the newest social media marketing trends. Connect with your customer base and increase the followers and create more trust and engagement with your brand.  Give us a call to get started today!

Results-Driven Facebook Advertising Agency

As the top-notch Facebook advertising agency in Bangkok, our team at Vault Mark  is here help you to get started with Facebook advertising immediately. Our Facebook advertising experts can help you generate leads, increase conversions and grow your fan base, and establish a strong brand identity on Facebook. Let the Facebook marketing specialists at Vault Mark, find out who your ideal customers are, so you can better interact and have your audience effectively engage with your business. Allow us take your Facebook advertising to the next level.

Innovative Content Marketing Services

Hire a reputable Bangkok based content marketing agency for your next project. The creative content specialists at Vault Mark will  assist grow your online brand voice and reach more prospective consumers. With our content expertise to create written, video & infographics, you'll be able to improve your search engine rating as well as bring in more business by creating informative and engaging content. If you're looking for the best content marketing services in Bangkok, look no further than us. let's get started quickly!

Small Business Marketing in Bangkok

Is your small business ready for a new level of success? At Vault Mark, as we are handling digital marketing projects serving businesses of all sizes, including small start-ups and medium sized companies to larger corporates operating in Thailand. Hence we know exactly what small businesses need to get into the “digital way of doing business”. We offer specialized Small Business Marketing services in Bangkok that will accelerates your brand presence online and we’ll ensure you level the playing field with the competition, irrespective of their company size.  We’ll not only advice you on the process, but hand hold you every step of the journey. Give us a call to get started now

Top Class Web Design & Development Agency

Get the best web design and development services in Bangkok from Vault Mark. Entrust your company's brand image and online presence to our team of expert web developers and designers. Based on your project requirement, we can help you revamp your existing website or develop a complete new one for your business. Custom web design with new content are second nature to our developers, who have years of expertise in the field. We build website that are eye catching, load pages at lightening fast speed while optimizing the pages to load nicely devices with screen of all sizes.

Reputation Management Services

Reputation management services offered by Vault Mark in Bangkok can help you shape the perception of your business or brand. Don't let bad publicity damage your brand image or reputation. Utilize a variety of online and off-line tools to improve your company's image, including social media, websites, and paid advertising. Vault Mark's reputation management services put you in control of your online presence.

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Clients Also Ask

Digital marketing Vs traditional marketing is no longer even a debate. Long gone are the days of the effectiveness with traditional marketing channels such as billboards and print media.

Browsing internet for several hours each day has become a part of people’s daily life.  Hence, digital marketing can leverage the user behavior on internet to its advantage by cleverly targeting them with specific marketing communications or online ads.

For instance, let’s say someone goes to google and search for a holiday offer for his/her weekend gateway. Immediately afterwards of the search, they are very much likely to see a tailored sponsored online ads from many different OTAs such Agoda, Booking.com and Expedia etc.

As of January 2021, there are about 49 million internet users in Thailand. And The number of internet users in Thailand increased by 3.4 million (+7.4%) between 2020 and 2021. Internet penetration in Thailand stood at 69.5% in January 2021.

That’s a mind-bogglingly audience size and a huge amount of opportunities to do some clever digital marketing to reach your potential customer.

Digital marketing services comprise of efforts and activities that help promote a business, a service or an offer digitally across the internet with different online marketing channels.

It’s no longer the case for any business to find the desired success by utilising just one online channel alone. To build the required online brand exposure and ensure competitiveness, its best to take advantage of every possible online channel.

The most popular digital marketing services include; search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) advertising, Social medial marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, conversion rate optimization etc.

Digital marketing services provide a much affordable alternative methods to traditional marketing.  Digital marketing services rely on accurate data, hence it makes things much easier to track and monitor performance of the campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful strategy that can help you scale your business to new heights. The biggest difference between Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and SEO services is that when your paid advertising campaigns end, so does the website traffic.

A specialist Bangkok SEO company could potentially rank your website organically on the 1st page of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for local search results. This will increase your online presence and the results can last for years bringing in quality website traffic, new customers, increased leads, and more revenue.

As an SEO Bangkok service provider, this has been our main strategy for many successful businesses online.

Did you know that a staggering 94% of people seem to perform an online search before making a buying decision? Businesses or brands that lack strong online visibility will find themselves falling behind their competitors.

In simplest terms, SEO Google is regarded as how they identify which sites to rank higher in search queries. Websites that appear on top spots of search results first page, does not come by default. In fact, it takes investment, effort, and time to secure a top spot on the 1st page. The higher your ranking is on SERPs, the more traffic and clicks your website gets.

Users trust what search engine show when they search for a particular keyword. Hence, your business websites become a credible source when it goes on top of the search results. 

Hence working with and a reliable Bangkok SEO services can be your best interest to make your websites a credible source for search queries related to your business.

The main objective of an SEO Company is to help a business get found and get chosen on search engine result pages (SERPs). The SEO agency works with its clients to create a fool-proof SEO strategy, that is effective in driving quality website traffic, generating qualified leads, and increasing sales.

SEO company help the business owner make the right decisions related to their web presence. It involves web design, creating a content strategy that appeals to both customers and search engines and technical aspect of SEO services, covering all the different methods of website optimization to enable higher rankings in SERPs.

An SEO company can be regarded as a natural extension of your business, as a strategic component of your business is taken cared by them. What your Thailand SEO company does is critical, in terms of making your online brand presence relevant while giving you a completive edge.

Vault Mark is a reliable SEO company that is dedicated to providing result-oriented SEO services to its clients. We have been working with some of the biggest global brands and reputed local businesses in Bangkok.

Our digital marketing & SEO services extend to number of provinces in Thailand;

SEO agency helps to make your website more visible in the search engines so that people who are searching for your products and services can find them easily. It’s important to keep in mind that the benefits of SEO services do not happen overnight.

SEO services take time to work its magic, usually in competitive niches, 6 to 8 months to see consistent results. Imagine how many potential customers you can gain, getting your website ranked on 1st page of search results? The numbers can be mind-boggling!

As the competition intensifies to secure top spots in search queries for each business, SEO agency is becoming the go-to place for clients for a variety of reasons;

Easier To Capture Customer Attention

Let us take an example of a local ‘Dentist’ as your line of business. With the help of Bangkok SEO specialist, you can potentially target people who live in your province, city, or nearby to your clinic. With such a localized strategy, you are more likely to hit the bullseye than the use of billboards or TVCs.

Increases Brand Visibility & Ranking

One of the key objectives of working with an SEO agency is to secure a higher ranking in SERPs. A reliable SEO company can successfully rank your website on search results 1st page, for search queries related to your business. Statistics show that websites holding the top positions in organic search results are likely to secure 33% of search traffic.

Helps You To Scale Faster

Let’s face it, traditional marketing is now a thing of past. Telemarketing, billboards and TVCs no longer produce effective results. SEO services are the most effective and affordable marketing methods that exist today! With the help of a reliable SEO services Thailand, you can easily reach customers at national level and beyond the borders.

Easy To Track and Measure

SEO agency allows you to see real-time data and analytics that will help you understand where to invest in your digital marketing campaigns. These data reflect the behaviors and preferences of your target audience. With so much power at your fingertips, business failure can be made negligible.

Affordable Pricing & Better ROI

As a savvy business owner, you must be asking why there is a shift in expenditure from traditional to digital marketing. The reason being; it’s more cost-effective to put your money in digital marketing than in conventional marketing. Credible research shows, a dollar invested in digital marketing has the potential to return at least 1.5, that’s 50% ROI.

E-Commerce SEO is basically the process of getting more eyeballs on your products. If customers are not able to find your online store, then your offers are not going to convert. Combining SEO with E-Commerce is a powerful strategy for driving quality and targeted traffic to your online shop.

Selling physical products online can be rewarding and daunting as well. Applying SEO for an online shop, having numerous pages to optimize on your own may feel like a major win. But with so many techniques required for optimizing each individual product page, simply getting started can feel overwhelming.

Our e-commerce SEO services come with full solutions for clients to take advantage of hassle-free management and operation of their online shops. Our SEO E-commerce cover; online shop creation, optimizing product pages and content, sales copywriting, product promotion, building sales funnels, and conversion rate optimization.

How much a client needs to spend on SEO service depends on several factors. First of all, SEO is not a quick fix, therefore, it has to be considered as a long-term investment. And the amount you pay should square off with greater yield and higher return then you actually pay for an SEO company. Other factors to take into account include;

  1. What Are your business aspirations and objectives?
  2. Do you need SEO as just one-time website optimization work? or take it as a brand building and growth project?
  3. Credibility, reputation, and expertise of the SEO company
  4. Your target market – size, niche, and level of competition?
  5. The target audience – local, national, international market outreach?
At Vault Mark, we aspire to be part of projects that enable us to make our clients proud of the results we stand behind and elevate our credibility and reputation. The clients we do SEO are crushing their competition on the 1st page, search results, and thrive as trusted brands in their respective market segments. We guarantee top rankings on page 1, in the quickest possible time frame. 
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About Us

We are A Digital Marketing Agency based out of Bangkok, Thailand. Our Digital agency services include consulting and management of full-service internet marketing solutions covering, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per click (PPC), conversion rate optimization (CRO), eCommerce, web design and more..

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We Transform Websites Into Revenue Generating Digital Assets

If you’re looking to build your online brand presence and stay ahead of the competition using data-driven strategies with a team of SEO experts, then Vault Mark is for you.

We’ll target your audience and find buyers on all platforms and keep sending you quality website traffic 24/7
Earn leads through user-targeted lead generation programs or convert visitors into sales with
Find customers and sell with precision, targeted advertising. Everything we do goes back to earning revenue for your business & greater ROI.
Build trust and keep your customers coming back for more with email marketing, re-marketing, and social media campaigns that truly convert.

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