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Responsive Web Design and Development 

Good marketing needs to be accompanied by good web design and development efforts. This is especially true for those who wish to have a strong brand presence on the internet.  Having an old website site that does not convert people into buyers, or the content on a website that is hard to read on a mobile device isn’t working anymore!

Our web design Bangkok team possesses unparalleled expertise in making sure that, your website is up to snuff, looks good, and optimized for traffic and conversions.

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What Tools Do We Use To Make Your Website?

We have knowledge and experience to use tools and techniques for creating websites of top quality. Our web developers are well versed with HTML, CSS and PHP and all major CMS platforms including WordPress.

You may be unaware but, WordPress is widely used across the internet, including very famous authority sites, such as TechCrunch, Disney, The New Yorker, etc. WordPress has been used by a staggering 35% of all sites on the internet! Needless to say, this powerful tool that we use for our clients will also serve you well.

The web design projects we undertake with WordPress come with excellent features and have amazing appearance. We have built the expertise for customizing WordPress themes to match the look and feel of your choice, as to allow you, project your brand identity exactly the way you want.

Our team is extremely good at creating responsive web designs with other CMS platforms as well. If you have a need for selling physical products online, we can use Shopify to help you do so. It’s a growing WordPress competitor and has become very popular in recent years.

For some of our clients who are in E-Commerce space, we have used Shopify to create online shops that give seamless buying experience at all customer touchpoints. On the product page, add to cart, checkout, payment acceptance and order processing.

Even though not very widely used currently, we keep our team updated with website design trends happening with Drupal and Joomla as well.  Drupal is excellent for websites that get a high amount of traffic, while websites on Joomla perform great when a high amount of user interaction is required.

Joomla comes with much more "out of the box" features than WordPress does. For instance, if you need things like a private messaging system, foreign language integration, and other similar features.

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Experience and Skills With Programing Languages

It requires expertise and a dedicated effort to be able to create a website that is up to today's standards. Our programmers, highly skilled in HTML, CSS, and PHP, we have delivered custom web pages that go the extra mile. Do you need a dynamic contact page that also keeps the spambots out of your inbox? No problem. We can do this for you.

You should not only create web pages with HTML and CSS, with just a focus on W3C compliance but also, the web pages must have great aesthetics, perform well and load fast on devices of all sizes.

Mobile Web Designs Are All The Rage

The world has gone full tilt when it comes to smartphones. This fact has driven the need for websites to look good especially on mobile devices. We are well aware of this growing trend and involved in multiple projects that required the transformation of old websites for speed and mobility.

Our design team has delivered websites that will not take up a lot of mobile data to view. Being able to scroll and pan with ease on a mobile site is indispensable these days and we make sure the websites our developers create can that do this with ease, while ensuring smooth navigation and ease of readability even on the smaller Android models.

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